Children’s Mental Health Week 2019

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week and the theme is Healthy Inside and Out to  help us to feel better in ourselves, focus on what we want to do and deal with difficult times.

Being part of BFET we are really  passionate about health and wellbeing for our staff and students.

We know that one in ten young people experience a mental health issue at any one time and many more struggle with challenges from academic pressure, social media, bullying, poverty and bereavement.  It’s clear that giving young people the support they need is a challenge.

Our students are so lucky at BFET that many of our schools including Marton have adopted the Daily Mile. Have you done your Daily Mile every day this week? If not what other activity have you done to meet the guidelines of being active at least 60 mins a day? It really does help you feel better.

 Our children and young people spend more time in school than they do anywhere else except their own home. School is one of the best places for both educators and students to become increasingly aware of mental health and mental health problems.  You  can find out more about Children’s Mental Health week by clicking here.

We have also attached some useful resources which hope to address the issues of good mental health in young people:

 Tips for Parents and Carers
 Tips for Children

Find out more about our how our Alliance for Learning is supporting Children’s Mental Health Week 2019 across BFET.