Year 5 Trip to Bolton Museum

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Bolton Museum’s Egyptian collection and were complemented by the museum’s staff on their extensive historical knowledge. The children were enthralled with all the ancient Egyptian artefacts and enjoyed creating a human timeline to show just how long ago the Egyptians lived. They participated in a live re-enactment of a mummification of a body and enjoyed pretending to weigh Mrs Selvi’s heart to see if she would be accepted into the afterlife.

The most inspiring part was entering an exact replica of an Egyptian tomb complete with decorated sarcophagus and mummified man. The tomb had hieroglyphics around all the walls and the children really enjoyed holding a genuine piece of The Pyramid of Giza. Excellent behaviour was displayed from all children throughout the day.

Please enjoy the photos that were taken throughout the day:

Marty & Woodlands Primary

Pupils from Woodlands Primary & Marton enjoyed taking Marty for a walk yesterday. They practiced his commands and rewarded him with treats (though none of the pupils were fast enough to catch him with his tennis ball!) The Woodlands pupils are hoping to have a therapy dog for their school too soon.

The following photos were taken by Marton pupils, Richard, Robbie and Charlie (Year 5) and Chanice (Year 6):

Year 5 are saving lives!

This morning our Year 5 class has been working with Little Life Savers which is a charity set up to teach basic life support skills to schoolchildren aged 9 years and older. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to learn these skills which empower them to to act positively should they ever be faced with an emergency situation. During the session, the children learnt about:

  • How to help a choking child
  • How to perform Child Basic Life Support “Hands-Only” CPR
  • How to perform Adult Basic Life Support “Hands-Only” CPR
  • How to put a casualty into the Recovery Position



Little LifeSavers is a registered charity and all sessions are free of charge. They are always in need of funds to continue to teach these essential skills around the country. Please consider assisting their funding by visiting

Year 5 Mummies

In their ancient history lessons, Year 5 have been learning about the process of Egyptian mummifying. Today, they investigated how this was done and even had a go at trying out the technique (safely of course!). The ‘best mummy’ was judged by Mrs Coyle and this was based on how authentic the winners had carried out the process (for example, mummies’ mouths traditionally were not covered to let the person eat and breath in the afterlife).

The winners were Robbie, Brooklyn and Mia:

View the full gallery below:

Watch the video: