“A devastating blow for Prince Hamlet”

Mr Blood’s Year 6 class have been studying Hamlet by William Shakespeare as part of their Literacy Work. In particular they are looking at Act I where the the prince has learned of the death of his father and is none too pleased with his uncle Claudius marrying his mother less than two months after King Hamlet’s death…

Join our Years 6 pupils in Elsinore Castle for an interview with the Prince!

Cookery with Woodlands Primary

Children from Woodlands Primary School, Blackpool have been our guests this afternoon for a cookery lesson. When asked what they would like to cook, Paris from Woodlands said that she would like to make a McDonald’s, so here we have it! When we popped in to take photos there certainly was a lovely smell coming from the kitchen!

Highfurlong School / Courtney Fry

Richard (Y5), Billy, Jayden, Dylan and Owen (Y6) visited Highfurlong School to meet with Courtney Fry, inspirational athlete and Olympic champion. He talked to the children about his boxing career as well as showing videos of his and other boxers. The focus was on putting your energy into good exercise and making good choices. Training in the gym and boxing helped save him from making a bad choice when younger and in turn gave him a successful career.

Mr Ray was astounded at Richards knowledge of boxing and both local and national boxers. Richard described the visit as the “best school trip ever”. Mr Ray chatted with our children, even through the entire lunch break, agreed to have photos taken with the group and as individuals, then autographed the items Richard had taken in to show him.

Mrs Griffiths and Mrs Roberts accompanied the boys and were impressed at how well the boys behaved and interacted with pupils from the other school.

Interview with Richard: